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Indigo Photography is owned by photographers Andy Chen, Jay Weinmiller & Stephanie Pulliam. We are Charlotte based wedding photographers photographing weddings & events all over with a modern, fresh, edgy style. Contact us for package pricing & more info about of services!


Indigo News

Please pardon our mess. We are upgrading our building/landscaping for
the convenience of our clients and we are sure that you will love the
results! When Jay first bought this building in 1990 for his
business Weinmiller, Inc. commercial photography, he did not know he
would be celebrating his 25th successful year here. Yeah Jay!

Since starting Indigo photography with partners Andy Chen and Critsey
Rowe in 2002, our clients have had to negotiate with large plants,
rickety stairs, and loose stones from time to time. With a wonderful
landscape design by DeSignia, Inc., our entranceway
will soon be completed. Check back for images of our renovation.

Congratulations to Jay, Andy, and Critsey, and the Indigo staff! Happy 6th anniversary!


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