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The Boyd Family

We have known Eric & Kristin Boyd for a little more than two years and
we quickly realized that their family motto is "Never a dull moment!"

Eric, originally from Delaware, and Kristen, originally from upstate
New York, have been married for five crazy and amazing years. They
first met in college at UNCC and the whirlwind tour sprang from that
point forward. Eric proposed to Kristen on a cruise in the Bahamas.
Kristin said "YES!" ... and they have been busy ever since!

It was our privilege to photograph this great family in our studio at
the end of January. Here is a small sampling of what we captured that

Daughter Farris (3.5 years young) wants to be a fairy princess and a
ballerina when she grows up. We think she is going to be an actress!

Newest daughter Finley (3 weeks young) is a professional voice over
artist and a professional sleeper.

In their spare time, Eric and Kristin developed their own company
called Reaching Quiet Designs. If you are interested in concrete/cast
stone and/or beautiful woodwork designs for residential and commercial
properties, these are the people to go to! Please take a minute and
look at their Web site, www.reachingquiet.com. Beautiful work!


Kristin and Eric Boyd March 18, 2009 at 1:43 PM  

Thanks so much to Indigo for doing such an incredible job at capturing our family in these amazing pictures. So impressed! Photographing a 3 yr old cannot be easy; she has enough enegy for all of us, and you were able to get these wonderful, real shots of her, and she had fun! These are priceless family photos and will be cherished forever. You guys ROCK!

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