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Steven and Terri Family Portrait, Charlotte, NC

photographer's notes - a few years back, we had a client that asked one of
my partner's, Jay, a question about what it is we like to photograph the
most. Jay thought about it a moment and said, "something different than
what i did yesterday, and hopefully i'll be shooting something else
tomorrow...". i think that says alot about who we are, as photographers.

we love what we do, and pursue our passion in a number of different ways,
whether it is the work we do for the Panthers, our x-posed sessions, our
commercial endeavors, of course our numerous weddings, or our own personal

Q: is there anything more iconic than a man in a uniform?
A: yes, there is...a man in a uniform with his wife who is carrying their
firstborn son.

a week ago i was able to do a maternity portrait, and though they're all
special, this one kind of stood out. i photographed Terri and Steven
(along with their dog, Nikko) on Lake Norman, and what gave this shoot a
heightened emotional feeling was that Steven, an army pilot who
flies Blackhawk helicopters, will be shipping out to Afghanistan shortly.

it was an honor to take these portraits. come home safe, Steven.


Anonymous September 19, 2011 at 7:48 AM  

This is from Terri's Mom.
I love the photos - they are really different - and look natural, not "posed".
Look forward to seeing the other pics soon.
Love you Terri/Steven and Nikko!!

Tamika Causwell September 26, 2011 at 12:28 PM  

I love these pictures...my favorite is the last one posted with you both on the beach. The pics do look natural...and am as anxious as Grandma to receiving some more!!! xoxoxo


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